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We Start with the Deep Cleaning Basics

NEAT Orlando understands, family and home needs are many, and varied, this is the reason we tailor each deep house cleaning to your preference. Be it a “last minute, after party” house clean, move in or move out clean, or Holiday gathering “spruce-up,” we’re ready, armed, with the latest skills and cleaning technology, and always keep our NEAT checklist which guarantees you the perfect clean, for your perfect abode.

NEAT Cleaning 101

• Kitchen: Thoroughly Cleaned

All counters clean and clear. Dishes washed and put away as necessary. Back-splashes small appliances, stove/oven, microwave, and refrigerator exterior cleaned. Cabinetry exteriors wiped down, trash container clean and deodorized, glass and any fixtures cleaned and polished. Floors mint (and dry), other furniture cleaned, including bases.
Peace-of-mind side note: Rogue shoes, toys, etc: put away or organized
Ultra-efficient hepa-air filtration used to clean your home air (always free)
We use dust-meters to check indoor air quality. (great for pets/allergens.)

• Bathroom(s): Complete Clean & Sanitize

Total clean, dry and sanitize basins, toilets, mirrors, cabinetry, showers and doors, polish all stainless, floors sparkling and dry. This is “beyond 5 star hotel clean.” Many times, we can restore old porcelain to gleaming white again.

• Bedroom(s):

Fresh bedding, if provided, will be made. All furniture dusted/cleaned, lighting fixtures checked, floors vacuum and cleaned. Window sills/casing washed.

• Living and Common Areas:

All furniture dusted/cleaned, lighting fixtures-dusting, electronics dust-free and carefully wiped. all-floors vacuum and cleaned. Window sills/casing washed, carpeting spot-cleaned as necessary (pets etc), entry doors washed as needed, walls/baseboards checked for scuffs and marks, cleaned as needed. All switch plates dust-free.

Then, We Get Rigorous!

•  Walls and baseboards washed, remove scuffs and marks.
•  Ceiling light fixtures dusted and clean.
•  All Interior Windows Washed, including window casing and sills.
•  Carpeting professionally steam cleaned.
•  Tile and/or Grout Completely Cleaned.
•  Upholstery, including pet bedding steam cleaned.
•  Ceiling light fixtures dusted and clean.
•  AC /Heating/Hood Vents Washed.
•  Furniture moved as needed to clean under and behind
•  Appliance interior deep cleaned and sanitized, also under & behind
•  All Furniture, Chairs, Railings wiped clean, including bases.
•  Foyers, balconies, entrance path swept/vacuum/wash.
•  Washer/Dryer checked and cleaned inside, outside, under and behind.
•  Ceiling light fixtures dusted and clean.
•  Interior cabinets and drawers deep cleaned.
•  Wall Hangings, Pictures Straightened.

Save Time and Money. “Recurring Rocks”!

Regular House cleaning is an arduous, never-ending, time consuming task. Consider NEAT
Orlando for your continual, or recurring home clean service company. We keep prices affordable, and believe a clean safe environment should be made available to everyone regardless of status or wealth.


Once the thorough house clean was rendered, She insisted “it’s like walking into a new place all over again,” to which we replied “we’re happy to serve, and delighted to hear such high praise.” The state of her new-found disposition was truly bliss. It was old-fashioned hard work, and an egregious level of detail. Cleaning makes us happy.

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